Marriage unsustained

It’s not that these couples lost themselves in the marriage; instead, they grew in it. Activities, traits and behaviors that had not been part of their identity before the relationship were now an essential part of how they experienced life.

That is so. But not so sustainable, perhaps.

Unless one considers they inherited the ruthlessness. An interesting possibility.

Of course we have had no divorce decree as of yet.

I wonder if advice is given from all these single friends. Likely so, for I know the type that would be given; I have heard it many times. To stay strong, to do what one has to do and so forth.

This is one of the aspects of the light I have never grasped entire. It seems to me like cheering at a funeral. I understand it is meant to raise up the other and that the motive is somewhat pure.

I say somewhat because it is often the divorced who give it. Many are happier afterwards, of course, so perhaps they wish to share their achievement. I am glad Sassy achieved her divorce from the one who beat her and such. But I should have understood what such a history might mean, for us all.


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