Too old

It is said we are too old to be so mournful, and yet, we are. Another argument for ageless perhaps. More likely, an argument for a fool.

After 8 years and marriage, an email. It is a brutality beyond belief. The love means nothing, it seems. I do not understand it. What is more, I never will. When I love, it is fully.

You would think they had forgotten everything. Do you think it is a madness? If so, what is the cause?

I half think they do forget even themselves. And they leave for what? They say it is because of this pregnancy. As if this ever changed our love, the distance. It is what has permitted the love all these years.

San said to Magdalynn, you chose to stay with this husband. Yes, but we also made a condition to always have the freedom to speak and to be together online. That is what made the 8 years, the countless hours possible. They spit on it as if it were nothing. And for what?

I wonder what it is in us that love, when others are so fickle.

I know we play the fools just now. But we were not given a chance to discuss it in dignity.


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